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Couples Massage

The experience of over 2,000 happy couples gives you confidence your experience will be great.


Open 9am to 9pm Weekdays. Open 9am to 8pm on Saturdays. Open 12pm to 7pm on Sundays

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Online Booking

Our online booking is instant, guaranteed and painless. No prepaying or hoops to jump through.

Frequent Kneader Massage Pricing

Massage Reviews

Massage Client Feedback

We love feedback. We have been blessed with great staff and great facility to take great care of our clients. As you can see with this latest report, we've done a "very good" job at taking care of our clients. We take customer satisfaction seriously and aim to address any weaknesses as they arise.

We can't promise to be perfect, but we can promise to be close to perfect most of the time. And when we are not, we will make it right soon thereafter. For additional feedback, you can see our latest massage feedback here

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Now Hiring

Accepting Applications

Massage iNDY is interviewing for a full time spa administrator, weekend receptionist as well various massage therapist positions.

Massage iNDY, in it's 4th year, is the locally owned leader in Massage Therapy in Indiana, performing 5,000+ massages annually and continuing to grow.

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Massage iNDY partners with Scent Air

Scent Air

Scent Air is the leader in Scented Air technology providing distinct, memorable and delicious smell to top brand name retailers and now Massage iNDY. Utilizing a non-mist or spray technique, this hypoallergenic system has already changed the overall feel of our facility.

As we celebrate our 4th year of operations and our 1 year anniversary in Fishers, we continue to look for ways improve the overall client experience here at Massage iNDY. We have had a tremendous response from clients adoring the aroma from our partners Scent Air. www.ScentAir.com.
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Couples Massage INdianapolis Fishers

Fishers Couples Massage

Massage iNDY of Fishers loves when couples come in for a massage together. To this end, we have created a special pricing model just for couples massages in Fishers. We wanted to make it so that a couple who needs a massage in Fishers could get one without "breaking the bank".

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